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Getting To Know Me Children's Workbook

Getting to Know Me: A Reflection Workbook for Kids

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Welcome to a colourful journey of self-discovery, where every page turn is a step closer to understanding the big feelings that come with being little.

Do your little ones ever wonder about their big emotions? Getting to Know Me is a beautifully designed workbook designed for children to explore their inner worlds. 


  • A Safe Space: This workbook offers a comforting place for children to express themselves freely.
  • Memory Keeper: Every completed page becomes a cherished memory to look back on.
  • Emotional Guide: Helps in recognising and managing big emotions with simple, child-friendly techniques.

Inside, You'll Discover:

  • Pages that invite your child to share their unique thoughts and special memories.
  • Fun activities that help them articulate their hopes for the future.
  • Tips and tricks to navigate through their big emotions and find their happy, calm place.

Getting to Know Me is the perfect introduction to reflection, self-awareness, and emotional literacy for children.

Take the first step in helping your child understand their feelings and thoughts. Give them the gift of self-awareness and confidence with their very own Getting to Know Me workbook.